Sunday, June 26, 2005

Find books fast. Find books cheap. Save Money :)

A Book Search and Price Comparison Website

Many of you already use Google to search for stuff, right? Well there's something like that for finding books on sale and finding out the who's got the cheapest price for books. It's a book search and price comparison website called

Like the magazine search engine I mentioned in an earlier blog (here), lets you search for any book from across a whole bunch of websites to help you find the best and lowest price. It's not the most comprehensive search engine out there, but it's still a pretty good place to start.

While it does search books listed on, it may not always find the most current listings. I always do a search on and in addition to searching with when you're looking to buy a book.

No need paying more for something when you can get it for less. More stuff, less money.

Happy reading :)